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A new paradigm for programming is upon us. We're building the bridge to get there.

Humans have been communicating with computers through code for a century. Ada Lovelace used punched cards on Babbage's Analytical Engine, and the first interactive editor was a simple line editor on typewriter-style terminals. The introduction of video screens brought full-screen editors, including the still beloved, Emacs and vim.

Over the years, as our programming languages and frameworks became more powerful, our interfaces to code did so too. We have purpose-built IDEs with dedicated tooling to write, search, organise, navigate, debug, run and collaborate on code.

But one fundamental fact that has never changed thus far, is that these interfaces have always been designed for humans to interact with code. The advent of capable AI systems, that can pair program with humans or write code indendently, challenges that fact.

We believe, we now have the opportunity and necessity, to fundamentally re-imagine the editor to be a place where both humans and AI can work together.

Our attempt at this mighty goal, is Aide. We're building an editor that bridges the present and the future — equipped to help developers effectively leverage AI in their workflows today, while paving the way for how we imagine programming with AI will look in the future.


We're a team of three, based in London, United Kingdom, who have built testing infrastructure at Meta running 2k tests every second, payments infrastructure for 150k merchants in India, been an ACM ICPC world finalist, Open Source contributor to gRPC and Bazel, and an ex-founder who specialises at the intersection of design and developer tools. If re-imaginging the future of programming is your jam, we'd love to work with you →

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