Introducing Aide.

The AI-powered mod of VSCode.

Instruct AI agents to build your software.
Editing across files, searching, debugging, refactoring—our agent can do everything you do within the IDE. And Aide is built on VSCode, so you can migrate seamlessly and continue using your favourite extensions.
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AI that understands new & existing codebases.

The agent can scan your codebase, navigate it, find the right places to edit, make changes and verify its work before reporting back to you.

At your command.

shift + shift
You’re always a keyboard shortcut away from accessing the AI agent.

Prompt anytime, anywhere.

Ask general questions, or use slash commands and `@` context providers for powerful workflows.

Make changes to your codebase

Debug issues in the code

Understand unfamiliar code

Eliminate all your tech debt

Ok, we don’t support this one yet.

Stay on top of your work

Keep track of your changes through grouped summaries provided by AI.

Migrate from VSCode in 1-click. And stay updated.

We’ll keep Aide up to date with VSCode releases, so you never have to compromise between editors.
Supported languages

With more languages on the way!

A lot more features coming soon—take our early build for a spin in the meanwhile!