26th August, 2023

Aide — v1.0.12
  • Stablise semantic search further by improving search results and their ordering, and fix the bug where lexical search modifiers and keybindings were broken.
  • Golang support is extended to all features of Aide!

24th August, 2023

Aide — v1.0.12
  • Semantic search is now built natively into the editor, so you can search for code by simply describing what you're looking for! Find the wand icon in the top bar or ⌘ + ⌥ + S to toggle between semantic and lexical search.
Semantic search

19th August, 2023

Aide — v1.0.11
  • Long file edits are now more stable with huristics and fuzzy matching instead of being fully controlled by AI.
  • Initial golang support with dependencies powered by LSP and Tree-sitter.

18th August, 2023

Aide — v1.0.11
  • Introducing a new chat with support for slash commands!
  • You can now invoke the AI agent from the chat using the /agent command. Chat
  • Streaming output within the chat view to make the system feel more responsive and increase stability. Streaming output

17th August, 2023

Aide — v1.0.10
  • Typescript and Javascript support using LSP
  • Agent view is more responsive and better prompt tuned.

16th August, 2023


🔧 Fix issue with Typescript projects without a tsconfig.json file.

13th August, 2023


Aide now supports Python! 🎉 Use the AI agent to do repo-wide changes on your Python projects.

9th August, 2023


Import all settings, extensions and themes from VSCode to Aide with a single command! Import

7th August, 2023


Initial launch of CodeStory's AI powered mod of VSCode! 🎉 Aide

With Aide you can do:

  • AI agents which can do repo wide edits
  • AI which takes care of keeping your commits
  • Semantic search over your codebase

28th July, 2023

Pull Request Bot

We now link 🖇️ directly to the diff page, allowing easier navigation to the diff page and in context of the answer. Citations

26th July, 2023

Pull Request Bot

✨ Autogenerated pull request summary for your changes! Autogenerated pull request summary

19th July, 2023

VSCode Extension
  • Automatic summaries for grouped changes under the "What was I doing?" feature. Automatic summaries
  • Commit message helper that automatically captures the "what" of your changes, and let you fill in the "why". Commit message helper

17th July, 2023

VSCode Extension
  • Support for multiple tsconfig.json files in a Typescript project. Support for multiple tsconfig.json files

  • Fix the caching logic to avoid re-indexing files while saving changes.

14th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Smart grouping of changes to make it easier to understand what happened. Smart grouping of changes

13th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Add Python support for the "What was I doing?" feature. What was I doing?

11th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Telemetary collection with an opt-out option.

10th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

"What was I doing?" feature to track your work and recover from context switches easily. What was I doing?

9th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Typescript support on the cloud ☁️ typescript on the cloud

8th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Typescript support! 🎉 typescript

7th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Improved time to first search and better onboarding experience. onboarding

6th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Cloud backed explanations and semantic search. cloud

4th July, 2023

VSCode Extension

Launching the CodeStory VSCode extension! 🎉

  • Look up code using the context you remember in natural language 🔍
  • Recover from context switches and recollect work easily with an automatic timeline of changes 📅

  • Self-serve onboarding for new hires and on-call with explanations for any class or function like your co-worker would 🚍